Metal Work, Arches and Plant supports etc.

Metal Arches made at our Ravenstonedale workshop
Enid Reed Arch
These arches stand 2 metres tall and have metal work 
 into the ground a further 40 cms.
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Rose Barton Arch 
 Standing over 2 metres tall these are very robust arches,but they retain  
a light, and not too dominant feel.
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All metalwork made to order and your requirements. 
Plant supports made at our Ravenstonedale workshop.
  Snowdrop range
Hand made from 6mm and 8 mm diameter solid steel round bar, painted with red lead primer + colour top coat.
Snowdrop 1.   .90 metre tall - 39 cm dia.
( 4 legs made from 8mm dia steel, 2 rings made from 6mm steel)               
Snowdrop 2.  .90 metre high - 26cm dia.
(3 legs and 3 rings made from 6mm steel)            
Snowdrop 3. 1.25 metre high - 26cm dia
(3 legs and 3 rings made from 6mm steel)     
If you have specific requirements for plant supports or other metal structures please contact us with details
Batch of newly made plant supports
There are several 'Snowdrop 1' supports in this photo which illustrates how unobtrusive they are in use, even in the early part of the season. In this instance they are providing support for Roses, the plants these were originally designed for.
The elegant 'swan neck' tops are designed with safety in mind, no chance of losing an eye on these, unlike the arrangement of bamboo canes also visible in this picture! 
Pair of large Rose supports and a tree seat made as a set
Fresh out of the workshop

Tree seat installed

                                                                                                                                     Large rose support intalled
To see more photos of this bi-fold gate and the story of it's making please see our wordpress site:
 Made to order
Please contact us 07812062069 for more details